Bonus Content

Bonus Content: American Muslim Heritage Series featuring Javed Mohammed

Irfan Rydhan joins a panel of Muslim Activists to discuss the history of the Bay Area Muslim Community and shares his experiences with SBIA (South Bay Islamic Association) and the Halal Food Festival.

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Bonus Content: Interview with Hisham Abdelfattah with El Halal Amigos

Irfan Rydhan, co-host of The Artistic Foodies podcast interviews Hisham Abdelfatth, Founder and Head Chef of El Halal Amigos to go behind the scenes on why he started a Mexican Halal Food Truck.

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Bonus Content: How to Plan an Event, Interview with Irfan Rydhan

Welcome to our very first guest interview on the channel. We had the pleasure of spending time with Irfan Rydhan, the founder of several large community events which are talked about around the world. Learn how to find the right location, generate a support team, attract talent, get organized and execute a massive event. This…

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